Slide into a new platform for marketing

This is unlike anything I have seen before! Foot Locker, the American sportswear and footwear retailer, has released a new entertainment hub called ‘The Endless World of Air Max’, dedicated to all things Nike Air Max.

What’s truly unique about the hub is the choice of online platform. Foot Locker, with help from the agency BBDO (New York), has launched the hub on Google Slides!!

I see no particular reason for not creating the same hub as a web page, though the press announcement says the choice of Google Slides was because “Google Slides, as a tool, is endemic to sneaker culture”. I wouldn’t know much about sneaker culture or their use of Google Slides, so I’d take their word for it.

The effort reminded me of early internet websites, from the 90s – colorfully zany and moving GIFs across the screen!

When you go to the Slides first (try it: Discover Your Air), you see the Slides page view, but when you choose the ‘Presentation’ mode, you could move with taps (on mobile) or arrow keys (laptop) between the slides.

It looks vibrant and engaging, though this is the kind of digital idea that stands out only because of the choice of platform.



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