Influencers – from mainstream media to individuals

This pic has 4 journalists who were given exclusive access to the first-ever iPhone in mid-2007, directly by Steve Jobs himself, so they write about the product and create a perception about how great a product it is. (the product has to live up to the hype).

This pic has 3 YouTubers who were given exclusive access to Apple’s Mac Pro earlier this month.

No ‘journalist’ was given this access. Why? To begin with, the combined reach of the 3 YouTubers may have something to do with it: 18.8+ million.

Or, it could be that these YouTubers may be more flexible in working ‘with’ brands, because this exclusive access works both ways – it helps Apple and it helps the YouTubers showcase their social clout.

Mainstream journalists creating videos of their text-based reviews and opinions have lagged behind, in terms of reach, when compared with ‘younger’ YouTubers who do it full-time, with a passion. Journalists have long been the sole beneficiaries of such exclusive access. They have now been disintermediated by people who are less opinionated and do not have any specific and common journalistic or ethical guidelines to adhere to!

Source: Fortune.



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