One young man in Bengaluru works in 17 different companies in Electronic City!

I quite liked this ad by Guesture, a coliving venture in Bengaluru, near Electronic City. Now, I’m a bit confused by this term ‘coliving’ since, in my head, I’m coliving with my wife and 2 children in the same house 🙂 What was earlier called PG, hostel, room-sharing is now repackaged as ‘coliving’ I suppose.

The ad is quite convincing. If I was single in Bengaluru, working in the Electronic City and saw this ad, I’d definitely be considering taking a look at the facility.

But this is not about the ad’s creativity. The company, Guesture, has done something very interesting. They have shot one ad, and created 17 variations of it, one for each company in their target list from Electronic City. So, the same guy is asked ‘How long have you worked in X?’, and X is changed 17 times!

Now, ads are customized for reasons like language. The same couple may speak the same product communication in 5-6 different languages so that different states may comprehend the sales pitch. In an ad that is mean to seem real and intimate (he’s talking to us, watching him in the cab), does Guesture expect us to see only one company version? If we see more than one version, doesn’t it seem a bit disingenuous?

Now, ads are taken both seriously and lightly at the same time. We know they are enacted, for a script. And star film stars like Kajol and Ajay Devgn who ‘fake’ children in the ads knowing fully well that people do not bother so much about the discrepancies between real life and advertising scripts.

Yet, the model in the Guesture ad is no film star with a visible life. He’s meant to look like one of us, to look like a normal IT employee. The whole premise of the ad is in the fact that it looks relatable, not expecting us to suspend disbelief like we do while watching scripted films. The brand wants us to believe this guy. And yet, he is shown to be working in 17 companies?

On a lighter note, HR folks may blacklist this guy soon 🙂



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