We have to see more of each other

Ruavieja is billed as ‘Spain’s Most Famous Grape Spirit’, and is perhaps unknown in the rest of the world. It is produced in Santiago de Compostela in north-eastern Spain. Ruavieja is supposed to aid in digestion after meals and is usually served ice-cold as in a shot glass, after lunch or dinner.

Ruavieja has a seasonal campaign running for the 3rd year (around December/Christmas time) called ‘Tenemos Que Vernos Mas’ (We Have To See More Of Each Other).

In 2017, the film was about a guy discovering more about his friend based on his real-world friendship and not through what is filtered out of social media platforms.

In 2018, the film told participants how much they have left to spend with each other after getting details about their age and time they spent on average per week/frequently. There was even an online calculator for people to try it for themselves.

This year’s film is the most impactful and dramatic! The narrative device hits a literal high at 0:29 with the humongous reveal. And then the film goes on to dramatize the after-effects of the revelation to hammer the point. The core idea is a fantastic analogy to our device addiction. Brilliant work by Leo Burnett, Madrid.



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