jetBlue contest is nuts

jetBlue’s new ‘contest‘ is really a ‘sweep’stakes. What they are asking people to do is plain bizarre.

To win unlimited flights for a year, you are asked to completely scrub your Instagram account of all photos! And then post one photo – the one you can download from the contest page, add your phrase/word in the blank space mentioned, and upload that as your ONLY photo.

That’s the contest entry criteria that the jury at jetBlue will look at and pick 3 winners!

If you thought jetBlue, as a responsible brand, wants you to spend more time in the real world away from social media addictions, you are horribly mistaken. That’s not their intent, because they say, right after “First, clear all your Instagram pics”, this: “Don’t worry, if you win you’ll be able to post pics from everywhere we fly.”. #FacePalm

In essence, jetBlue wants to remove the very reason why you gathered a following (sizeable or not, is a different topic), become a clean slate and start being jetBlue’s brand billboard (I’m sure they’d be open to let you share other brand/unbranded stuff).

An extreme ask, but I’m sure there’d be enough to fall for this too. The all-you-can-fly for a year is worth US $20,000 after all!

A close equivalent of this idea is what OnePlus did when they launched the OnePlus One! They asked fans to smash their old phones to be able to get the new OnePlus One at just US $1!