The Valise, from Assembly, seems really like thoughtful business luggage!

I was looking for overnighter luggage where the laptop compartment is not in the same enclosure as the one for clothes so that I can remove the laptop conveniently during security check-in. I do a LOT of 1-2 days travel, primarily to Mumbai and Delhi, and my Samsonite is more of a backpack-trolley than a trolley. Plus the laptop enclosure is behind the clothes compartment and that makes it difficult to remove it during security.

I bought this Safari first. 

The clothes compartment didn’t have belts to secure them 🙁 

So, returned it and ordered this Swiss Military one despite the fact that the laptop & clothes compartment is in the same zipper (though laptop can be removed without opening the whole thing). But the trolley handle is terribly wobbly and weak 🙁 

It’s then I noticed Aditya Khanna’s post on LinkedIn about his brand, called Assembly Luggage. Their Valise Overnighter seems to be put together with a lot of thought! Yay to LinkedIn, on that note! 🙂

So, the Assembly Valise arrived today. The initial impression is that the brand really, really stands by the ‘thoughtful business luggage’ statement! There is so much thought that has gone into it that I can’t help marvel at it!

To start with, the whole thing came so well packed! And that option to emboss your name is a great touch! And because it has 4 wheels, the trolley part is really easy (unlike 2 wheels that you need to slide in a slant).

The front-most zipper is on the brand name itself. The next one is for quick handling, while the 3rd one is for the laptop. The laptop enclosure has a full-fledged laptop case!! You can remove it and add it to the trolley too!

Then the 4th zipper. Roomy, with so many removable enclosures – for clothes, for shoes, for toiletries! All extremely well thought-through. The phone charging enclosure – you need to keep your charger inside and use it from outside. And the in-built comnbination lock – very helpful.

This is really good stuff for Rs.3,900. I’m glad I saw Aditya Khanna’s LinkedIn post before buying another brand! Aditya can attribute this sale directly to LinkedIn 🙂

The Valise is available on both Amazon and Assembly’s own website. On Amazon, it is Rs. 3,999 right now, while on Assembly’s own website it is Rs.100 lesser, at Rs. 3,899 and also comes with the option of embossing your name in it!