Billboard love

For Valentine’s Day, most newspapers have a couple of pages of ‘Classifieds’ where people can pay and get their lovey-dovey messages printed in a newspaper. I assume online publications may be doing the same, but for free, since sharing something online is usually free, regardless of where it is being shared/posted.

The interest in showcasing something that is meant only for a loved one to the world (through the newspaper) is a rather strange behavior, but entrenched in us humans. It works almost like a proclamation of love where the loved one is merely yet another audience to that intimate message 🙂

Given this backdrop, this offline, outdoor idea is something that mirror the newspaper classified tactic, but seems far more interesting and impactful! This is one of those, ‘Why didn’t anyone else think of this before?’ ideas. This one is by a Canadian jeweller named Peoples Jewellers. The idea is by the Canadian agency, Juliet.

Any brand with money (or that owns a digital billboard in a prime location) can pull this off. They could select the participants through a contest and give winners the chance to proclaim their love through a billboard!

And since these won’t be one among 1000 messages (in print), each would not only be cherished by the respective couple, but also shared widely online through photographs (reaching a lot more people than just one billboard).

Plus, that billboard’s location could also be crowded all through the day, for people to come and wait for their message to appear… and if the store is close-by, that could help with the walk-ins too!



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