I came across an utterly gimmicky—and mildly funny, to be honest—attempt by Old Spice in creating he world’s longest commercial (aka advertisement), last week. The context was good – “the commercial can last as long as the all-new scent for men that has Old Spice Durascent technology”. Smart, huh?

It seems Old Spice continuously looped the Inception-style commercial for 14-hours on the Brazilian TV channel called Woohoo, in a seamless manner and got a Guinness record too, in the process! Here’s the 3.21 minute version of the ad!

Old Spice is also running the ad infinitely online, at http://ocomercialinfinito.com.br, though Google Chrome threw up a security error when I tried to access the site.

This effort was by the agency Wieden+Kennedy São Paulo (Brazil).

This simple gimmick reminded me of 2 more ‘Longest’ attempts in advertising, both digital (unlike this one, with video)!

One is by BMW, from 2011, where Canadian agency Cundari produced a web banner that is 300 by 18,000 pixels and contains 5,500 words!! The context seems flimsy: “2011 BMW X3 is a versatile SUV that can take you anywhere. So they created a banner that can take readers on a journey”. Huh!

The full banner, in all its gory glory! (click on the thumbnail to open it)

A more interesting and contextual attempt was by Commonwealth | McCann, Dubai, for client Chevrolet Bolt EV, in January 2019.

What they did was actually clever – the Bolt EV is a front-motor, five-door all-electric subcompact hatchback with a certified range of 520 kms with a full battery. To demonstrate this, the agency converted 520 kms into pixels – 1,965,379,091 pixels, to be precise!! Using this pixel count, they designed a mobile banner that users could swipe and drive their virtual Bolt EV down a 520km-long scrolling banner until they reached the finish line! Now, this is smart!

It takes five and a half hours of continuous scrolling to reach the end of the banner, incidentally.

Some of the metrics shared by the agency, to showcase how the banner worked includes users spending (during the 2-week campaign) 852 hours (35.5 days) on the banner and 1,525,348 finger scrolls down the road!

Average time spent on the banner was 8.37 seconds. In total, all users, put together, scrolled enough to travel 37,975,000 kms!



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