Augmented Reality hologram menu for restaurants

I loved this augmented reality use-case demonstration!

But, as much as it makes me go wow!, I was also left wondering if this is an over-reach and if these can be done simply using printed menus anyway. If a simpler solution exists, why complicate it just because technology allows us to?

I then visited HoloLamp’s website to see if I have missed some context by which this becomes a more compelling solution than what it is. Among the 3 reasons listed, I noticed, portion size showcase was a pretty convincing reason, I thought. Very practical and makes full use of the AR technology.

They have 3 reasons to explain why this is better than a touch-screen table or a smartphone.

Touch-screen table, I can understand – it demands a separate effort to create, but smartphones that are available with almost everybody these days seems like a decent enough and viable alternative to trying something as extensive as AR.

It is exciting to look at and can be an interesting enough novelty, but I do wonder if that novelty may wear off too soon, and us going back to simpler, uncomplicated methods of displaying a menu.



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