mantri-squareAfter Basics Life, today’s center-spread in The Times of India, for India’s largest mall, Mantri Square carries Twitter and Facebook mentions. Unfortunately, these are not links but just blurbs which claim, ‘Catch us on Twitter and Facebook for exciting updates and offers’.

So, some questions!

  1. Are we expected to search for the Twitter and Facebook group links ourselves? Sounds like a chore to me and I might just pass!
  2. But, you know me…I did search. There is a Facebook page, with 300+ fans, but I couldn’t find a Twitter page – strange!
  3. My first reaction to the 2-page ad was the fact that there is not a single mention on what the parking arrangements are like – it sure says that it has 200,000 sq.ft. of entertainment and cuisine, but no mention of the number of cars it can accommodate in the parking spot. And, Bangalore is known for traffic congestion and an acute lack of parking options – so it’s strange that India’s largest mall does not even mention it…heck, it could actually be an USP in itself!!
  4. The Facebook page has these questions too – a fan has asked a pointed question about parking facilities. Another talks about traffic becoming a terror because of this mall and hopes the mall owners do something about it. No official response on both queries so far!
  5. A well-timed Economic Times story today offers a helpful insight – that the under-construction Metro will get a station in this mall’s 2nd floor – nice initiative indeed!



2 thoughts on “Mantri Square mall wants us to search for its Twitter and Facebook pages!

  1. HI,

    1) Just type ‘Mantri Square’ in Google and you’ll see the Facebook page and Twitter page.
    2) Mantri Square also has its own website :
    3) They have double-decker parking, fully automated, in a 2-level basement. It can accomodate 2000 cars if I’m not mistaken.
    4) A road is being built behind the mall which will divert some of the traffic when ready.

    Come join our Mantri mall Facebook group (not official !) here:


  2. Thanks Mahesh. I was searching on Twitter’s People Search, where one usually searches for a profile! 2000 cars…sounds kinda less to me, but I could be wrong too.

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