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  • Rahul

    Great read. Had seen the facebook url’s appear on a few ads before, many of them being movie ads. But quite a few of them had the url with their numbers & not a vanity url. But as u said this is a good start. Hoping to see more of these.

  • Felt truly good to read your article.
    For my Marketing Support Consulting & Training assignments, I’ve a huge collection (in the hard & soft form) of print advertisements. Facebook logos are seen quite often on print advts (e.g: Pantaloons have joined the fray recently), but have never come across fancy URLs for communities.
    I admit it’s a good beginning. However, I fail to understand why the BASICS advt does not figure in the epaper. Still wondering what could be the logic.
    I’ve also come across great brands like ‘Britannia’, ‘Gala of London’, etc who are totally indifferent of what consumers are discussing about them on the internet.
    MRP of ‘Gala of London’ lipstick is Rs.65 but retailers are charging Rs.85 withh impunity. Discussions on Social Networking sites have gone unattended by company personnel although the company plans to be the 3rd or 4th largest colour cosmetics brand in the next few years.
    All said & done brands need to get serious about their online presence …..

  • Karthik S

    Deep: Yes, that appeared quite bizarre to me too, even though that is not the point of this post. And I happened to find it by chance when I saw the epaper!