Trust our film makers to get social media engagement right! Rakeysh ‘Rang-de-basanti’ Mehra’s next film is Delhi 6. The promo is just out, recently and looks awesome, as expected, with some scintillating music by A R Rahman. There’s a ‘Official Delhi 6 Group‘ in Facebook already, with 862 members as of today, but hear this…UTV is actually doing some really interesting and engaging stuff through the group. There was a ‘Ask Rakeysh’ online event where members were asked to post their questions to Rakeysh Mehra…I can see 21, really interesting and detailed questions. Select questions will supposedly be answered by Rakeysh (aargh, that ‘y’ is killing me!) himself – let us see if he does!

Another, more exciting social media case is for Anurag Kashyap’s Dev.D. The official website is smoking hot – particularly the Hindi and Tamil versions of a section incredibly and appropriately titled, ‘Lustline’! If you know Tamil, don’t miss this – you can thank me later 😉 This website has the potential to spread wildly, virally through online WoM given its bizarre and bold content. For the film’s TG and to build a TG, this is a delightful idea!


Dev.D has a Facebook group too, again with the contact details of Aasif Ahmed from UTV (like the Delhi 6 group). But, one strange observation – Rakeysh Mehra is one of the listed admins for the Delhi 6 group, while Anurag Kahsyap is not in the admin list of the Dev.D group. Anurag is a more prolific and known blogger (in Passion for cinema) and its mighty strange that while Rakeysh Mehra is taking active part in the online engagement of his film, Anurag is left out!



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