Livingstonbuzz’s post from last week is incredibly useful – in detecting if your current/ potential social media consultant is a carpetbagger. Its the oldest trick in getting some Digg love – make a list. Forget the 10s…make it a top 25. And list all that a social media consultant can and may utter. Wow…very helpful. Where it may be of some help is to perhaps identify what the solution is. Assuming a client is reading the list and finds that his/ her social media consultant utters, say, #7, #13 and #16…what is he/ she supposed to do? Call Geoff Livingston? Brilliant.

So, what is the ‘right’, Livingston way of doing anything in social media? Adding that against each of the 25 in this list may have made this really worthwhile. Right now, at its present state, its merely funny, not useful.



3 thoughts on “The social media carpetbagger manifesto

  1. Beth Harte and I (we co-wrote the post) were really just riffing and never expected it to be anywhere near as popular as it has been. You are right the post is meant to be funny, and not really dig in deep into any of the 25 reasons.

    Itâ??s been great watching all of the comments, which have added a lot to the post. But thanks for your view, which is also available in the original post as a pingback comment.

  2. Thanks for the response, Geoff and Beth. Considering the plethora of opinions in what we love calling ‘social media’, I sure look forward to yours.

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