The â??music searchâ?? function on the site leads the user to songs that he or she could have accessed using any other search engine or directly from the website. We aren’t hosting any of this content. So T-Series needs to tell us exactly what infringement weâ??re supposedly guilty of” – Guruji founder Anurag Dod, July 17, 2008. (Economic Times)

This IS what Guruji is guilty of!

This is a banner ad I found in another message board – this is a direct invitation to ‘download’ mp3 songs of brand new films, including T-series’ Yuvvraaj! T-series…have you seen this? Of course, the mp3 is not hosted on Guruji’s server, but the result of clicking the above banner, gets you this page!


Wow, that’s a really useful aggregation of a LOT of new Hindi films and their mp3 songs! Time to refresh your legalese T-series!

Guruji…do you really need to do this? Aren’t you going the Baidu way of beating Google? Bad idea!