A wine in any other pack?

Traditionally, wine has always been associated with glass bottles and glass serving containers (it’s literally called ‘wine glass’!).

But in recent times, quite a few brands are trying other forms of containers and packaging for selling wine. A few examples:

The Brazilian brand Collina is also selling wine in tetra packs. But, unlike other brands (from what I have observed), they are also trying to address the fact that people/users may not be entirely convinced about boxed-wines (or tetra packs wines) given the phenomenal association between glass and wines. So, they have launched an ad campaign to address the packaging up-front!

The advertising campaign (by the agency Abajur Propaganda) to announce the packs frames it as “every classic deserves a new version” using classic literature with a wine-level twist!

It is an interesting idea that works to introduce the new pack, but the pack itself doesn’t do any heavy-lifting since the packaging design doesn’t stand out specifically, calling it out as wine. It looks like any other tetra pack of other kinds of beverages.

This is usually the case with many other wine brands that also retail via tetra packs as seen in the other examples above.

That’s where another wine brand innovates dramatically. The Spanish wine brand Aluvinum sells wine in cans! Considering so many other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are available in cans (like tetra packs, which is a staple of many non-alcoholic beverages), they use packaging design to differentiate their product as wine, clearly.

The design agency Puigdemont Roca came up with a brilliant solution! Each can contains 2 glasses worth of wine, but they decided to represent one glass on the can’s front in the form of vintage crystal goblets! The classic glass goblets clearly call out from the pure white backdrop and make it obvious that it contains a kind of wine!

This is a really smart use of design, for a product that is being sold in a container not usually associated with the category, but uses visuals of the serving style to call out the contents!



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