Feel good, in two contrasting ways

Two ads from January 2021, for 2 different products, but their messages are polar opposites to each other!

I loved the first one – for Unilever’s Degree Deodorant, by the agency BBDO USA.

The ad film features NBA star Kevin Durant and frames sweat as ‘body’s tears’, but tears of joy!

The writing is brilliant and it embodies every one of us pushing ourselves, our bodies to make it count, every single day!

The voice-over feels like poetry!

It might look like your body is crying.
That’s because it is!
You might even think that’s a sign.
And that your body is telling you to stop.
These are tears of joy.
If you listen closely you will hear it.
Every muscle, every joint, crying out to you.
Yes! Don’t stop. Keep going.
Well, who am I to tell my body ‘no’?
(text overlay) Move your body to tears.

And when you do push your body to tears (as the end caption beautifully captures), that’s when your body releases endorphins, and your brain makes you feel great! As someone who feels this every single day (including weekends – yes!) because I try and run 5 kilometers every single day, I’m addicted to sweat. It is the high point of my day, on any given day. So I can completely relate to this ad, whether I use Degree deo or Cinthol deo 🙂

The extreme opposite of the Degree ad is the one by the agency 72andSunny, for their client, Purely Inspired, an organic protein shake.

The ad film, in order to pitch the shake, says ‘Do what makes you feel good’ and if that’s doing nothing and drinking the shake, then so be it!

Even in the Degree ad, they are talking about what makes you feel good, but eventually… after you first put your body through the grind, you cross a barrier and then feel good. In the Purely Inspired ad, even without making an effort, they seem to be giving up hastily, and sitting down to drink the shake!

At least in the 2nd ad, the yoga pose seems complex, but the first one is literally a run… with a dog!

How contrasting are the messages! And they both arrived in January 2021, sending us contrasting signals 🙂



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