Out-of-the-paper ideas in print

I’m just very surprised no Indian brand has replicated this excellent activation idea in India.

The idea – print one page in a newspaper using soap paper! During a pandemic where hand-wash using soap is the rage, this is so very topical!

Medpeople is a healthcare staffing company from Sweden. And that brand using this idea (by the agency Le Bureau) makes contextual sense since they are in the broader healthcare space.

But I’d imagine the core idea – a newspaper page printed on soap paper – is perfect for other categories too.

A new soap brand could do it as a sampling activation, to introduce their fragrance or germs-killing capability.

A hospital brand could tie-up with an existing soap brand to do the same.

Paper soap already exists and hence I don’t think this may be an operational challenge for a print brand like The Times of India. They have pulled off far more complex activations in print.

What’s printed on the soap paper could be done in interesting ways too. Besides educational content (hand-wash exhortations), they could even include visuals of coronavirus and exhort parents to inculcate the hand-wash habit in children… by literally washing the virus away as they crumple and rub the paper with water 🙂

I’m fairly sure The Times of India, with their penchant for trying unique ideas in print, would jump at this! After all, they have pulled off some really eye-popping print innovations in the past!

Remember Volkswagen’s Talking Print Advertisement (September 21, 2010)?

Or the Vibrating Newspaper gimmick, again by Volkswagen (September 11, 2012)?

Or Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder scented newspaper on January 29, 2014? (This was also done in The Hindu, Malayala Manorama and Mathrubhumi on the same day)

Or, most recently, a close connection with the Medpeople idea since this was also by a soap brand – Himalaya’s new ‘Ayurveda Clear Skin’. On November 20, 2019, the newspaper carried the smell of the newly launched soap, giving users a whiff of what they can expect when they have a bath with the soap!

In context, even though it was not done in a newspaper, Memac Ogilvy helped Fanta create the world’s first edible print ad, in a magazine.



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