Eye-popping outdoor displays

A couple of outdoor displays that I was really impressed by, recently.

The first one is from Seoul, South Korea.

The COEX convention center in the Gangnam-gu area of Seoul is seen as Korea’s Times Square. In March 2018, Samsung Electronics worked with CJ Powercast and KITA (Korea International Trade Association) to install giant high-definition LED signage on the outer wall of SM Town and K-Pop Square of COEX. The signage, which connects the two displays together with a curved edge, is 81m wide and 20m high!

More recently, in May 2020, digital media tech company D’strict unveiled a giant digital installation on this digital display, in what is being described as the World’s largest anamorphic illusion. The installation is called ‘Wave’. It is jaw-droppingly amazing to look at!

As a media canvas, this could really unleash creativity to do some fantastic stuff, both in terms of art installations and brand advertising.

The second one is from Puma, in the US.

Puma worked with Havas Media Group to create a mobile holographic projection on top of cars! Since the cars are moving, the branded holographic projection is seen across the town. In the night, the impact is even more pronounced!

While these outdoor media formats are hugely innovative and eye-catchy, I have just one minor worry – given how instinctively eye-catchy, won’t they affect a driver’s focus?

It’s a different thing that a large segment of the species is holed up in their homes during this period, so these innovative media options perhaps need to wait till we end the pandemic and start getting out to become really useful.



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