Turning airline miles on its head for a brilliant quarantine marketing idea!

Given how badly the airline industry is impacted, airline brands have been desperately trying to engage their ex-users. Some of it is utterly corny and pointless… and makes it obvious that they are trying too hard.

Some ideas that are beyond airline brands and organized by airports are actually brilliant! Like how they turned an empty airport into an open-air, drive-in theater in Lithuania!

From a marketing standpoint, the most creative idea I came across recently was from Thai Airways. Airline brands are generally obsessed with their miles points and want us people to be as obsessed about them too. So how does an airline keep the interest in miles intact when they are not flying at all?

By turning the miles concept on its head! Through their agency, Wunderman Thompson, Thai announced Stay Home miles!

Simple rules: if you are a Thai Airways Royal Orchid Plus member (you can enroll free, just for this, if you are a resident of Thailand, that is!), you get to download the THAI Stay Home Miles Exchange app and you will be rewarded 1 mile for every 4 hours of staying at home during the campaign period! You need to let the app track your location and mark your home location. If you leave outside the 100 metres radius of ‘home’, the app pauses collecting miles, and resumes when you are back in.

Very contextual, very clever!

PS: Shrinivas SG pointed out to me on Twitter that InterMiles, formerly JetPrivilege had a similar program running. The only difference was that InterMiles is doing this in its usual (main) app, but Thai has created a separate Stay Home App for this purpose.



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