Portugal shows you how to do tourism advertising during a pandemic!

Our only world is under lockdown.

What can a (any) country’s tourism department even dream of communicating at such a time?

Here is Portugal’s tourism campaign, ‘Visit Portugal’ showing you how! The ad film is produced by Partners, a Lisbon-based advertising, design and digital agency.

The video starts with,
“The footage you are about to see was captured when we could spend time outside. The narrator’s voice was recorded at home on a smartphone.”

The film is called, “Can’t Skip Hope”. And it fits perfectly with earlier campaigns titled, “Can’t Skip Inspiration“, “Can’t Skip Freedom“, “Can’t Skip a Perfect Wish“, “Can’t Skip New Beginnings” and “Can’t Skip Us. Can’t Skip Portugal“! (all made by Partners, the same agency)

I thought the narration went a bit overboard with the poetic flow, but it also has some brilliant lines like,

“It’s time to look out for each other in the distance.
Time to stare humanity in the eyes.
To take a break, for the world.”

“Time to make a pause so we can play again.
To think of everyone and meet no one.”

“We are meant to connect and we are stronger together.
But separated, we are today more united than ever.
And for now, our main strength is to be apart.”

“Nature, landscapes, beaches and monuments aren’t going anywhere.
They will still be there waiting for a better time to be lived.
And we must do the same for a while.”

“The perfect time not to visit anything.
Sometimes, to rise is to stand still.”

“The faster we stop, the sooner we will bond again.
It’s time to dream of those amazing days to come.”

The last line ends abruptly:
“For when those days arrive, we will say again…”

The Visit Portugal logo appears next! They don’t even say it out in the video. It is merely implied, with hope!

And then – ‘Can’t Skip Yesterday”, “Can’t Skip Tomorrow”… “Can’t Skip Hope”!

So much to mull over.

Beautifully done!



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