Buy. Open. Pop. Smell. Scan. Buy!

The internet has led to a LOT of things to be sampled digitally. But one of the few things that remain in the realm of the physical world is the sense of smell (besides taste, of course)!

Smell is also a fairly evolved sense, with a lot less vocal efforts via marketing. One of the best examples of using smell in marketing is how supermarkets and departmental stores are planned, design-wise, to enable people to walk into a zone that makes fresh cakes/cookies/bread and lead them to purchase.

A very Indian way of using smell is via incense sticks/agarbathis – it invariably reminds people of a place of prayer even as it stays merely about room fresheners in much of the Western world!

Given this background, I was gobsmacked by how clever this idea was, by Ogilvy Chicago, for their client, Glade. S.C.Johnson-owned Glade wanted more people to try-out its home air fresheners. But as more people are shopping online, the touch-points for sampling is drastically reduced!

So what do they do? They use a tool via online shopping – those pillow-pouches used to secure items inside a box. These pouches are anyway garbage, immediately after the delivery. So, why not put them to a different purpose?

And, why should they be filled only with ‘air’? Why not fill them with Glade’s room freshener fragrance? Glade tied up with Walmart for these special samples! Customers get the special packs, pop it open on cue (the text on the packs) and sample the product! A QR code in the packs helped close the loop towards a purchase!

Sent By Glade

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Posted by Ogilvy on Thursday, June 20, 2019

Absolutely brilliant idea. Superb creativity!



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