Can you solve the Mindspace riddle?

A very, very good film, by the agency Mindspace. Let me not mention the occasion or the context since they may end up as spoilers.

Just watch. It’s a riddle that is posed to test participants, but you can participate too, and try to crack it.

More on my take, after the video.

Read this only after you have seen the video:

I played the video, after falling for it myself (I thought the answer was that he had 2 fathers – as in a same-sex couple, which seems fairly plausible in these days) to my wife, son and daughter. They did not get the answer either!

This is a very well-crafted riddle. Here’s the actual riddle:

A father is about to bring his son to a job interview… applying for a position at a large stockbrokers company in the city.

Just as they arrive at the company’s parking lot, the son’s phone rings.

He looks at his father who says… ‘Go ahead, answer it’.

The caller is the trading company’s CEO who says… ‘Good luck son, you’ve got this.’

The son ends the call and once again looks at his father who is still next to him in their car.

How is this possible?

Though the incidence of sexism in assuming the CEO’s gender as a ‘man’ is very, very real, special credit for the way one particular line is crafted: “The son ends the call and **once again** looks at his father who is **still next to him** in their car” is a great choice of words (particularly the part inside the **) that is both factually correct and also shapes our perception in a direction.



1 thought on “Can you solve the Mindspace riddle?

  1. Nope – The answer can still be
    That the father is the CEO of the company and calls his son to tell him he has got the job – even though they are in the car.
    Not biased – just providing another alternative.

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