Rise of the silver generation

Back in July, I had written about Indian TV advertising featuring the silver generation.

Here are 2 instances of the silver generation in print ads, from recent times. Both these ads stood out for me and called for attention during my morning newspaper reading session.

The Royale Township ad has no context to feature a silver generation woman.

I, in fact, thought it was a senior homes project, but it doesn’t seem to be! I confirmed that by seeing their website. Yet, merely by having a silver generation model, it made me take a second glance because it is largely unusual.

The 2nd ad, for Hindustan Lever Pureit, is my favorite!

It presents the silver generation along with a child. And presents the former model in a superbly graceful, respectful pose! There’s so much dignity in the way she is depicted, with that lovely dance/yoga pose… almost as if her age doesn’t matter at all (it doesn’t!).

And by juxtaposing the old and young, it makes such a powerful visual statement. It makes brilliant contextual sense too since the (currently) older people associate copper with purity and are trying to inculcate that habit into the future generation.



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