Lacoste’s Couple, across 2014, 2017 and 2019… and the point of fashion advertising

One category of advertising that I can never comprehend or understand is ‘fashion’. To be honest, my reaction, when I see the fantastic video advertising the fashion industry produces is incredulity.

Incredulous for 2 different reasons: one, that the client spent so much money to say so less about what they are advertising, and two, because the scripts and production is so elaborate, creative and beautiful.

Conventional thinking on advertising says that the latter should be at the service of the product/service, and not be done because it could be done, and that there is money to throw. Because advertising is not film-making.

And when creative shops talk elaborately trying to connect their prized creation with the product/brand, it hardly makes sense consumers.

But fashion advertising can find an unlikely ally in digital media, more than TV. When people like something they see, they share it and comment about it. Why? Because we now have the power to do so.

And that perhaps helps fashion advertising’s extravagant productions because what makes people share is precisely that – the sense of wonder in the production, and the lack of an explicit product pitch!

What made me consider all this? The latest Lacoste ad film, called ‘Crocodile Inside’. But, this film should not, ideally, be seen in isolation.

Lacoste was founded in 1933, but they didn’t release their first TV ad until 2014! That 2014 film was called ‘The Big Leap’. That was followed by another one in 2017, called ‘Timeless’.

The Big Leap, Timeless and Crocodile Inside are part of a series. All three feature a couple, and include fantastical elements that make them a great watch! They are produced with a lot of imagination and creativity. If Big Leap was about the man taking a big leap in his life with regard to the woman in front of him, Timeless was set aboard a train that travels 80 years through time, featuring the couple as themselves across multiple time periods. The latest, Crocodile Inside, sees a couple on the throes of an acrimonious break-up and eventual reunion, presented as a mind-bending fantasy film.

The connecting line for all 3 films: “Life Is A Beautiful Sport”! It helps that all 3 were done by the same agency – BETC Paris.

The songs used in the 3 films:
1. Big Leap: Discolsure – “You & Me” ft Eliza Doolittle – Flume Remix
2. Timeless: November, by Max Richter
3. Crocodile Inside: Hymne A L’amour, by Edith Piaf

I have stitched all 3 films together, to make the experience seamless.

The behind-the-scenes making-of videos of the 3 films make for a fantastic watch too!

As I mentioned, these 3 films make for an excellent watch. I, personally, however, am not tempted to even explore Lacoste’s range. Your mileage may differ/vary, of course.



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