Anand Mahindra’s Twitter masterclass

This is the essence of why Anand Mahindra is so very good on Twitter. Let me list the specific reasons why.

1. Anand talks about a lot of things on his chosen (and only) social media platform – Twitter. The Mahindra brand and products are just one among many. This was a specific product plug, which he is completely entitled to.

2. A Mahindra vehicle fan responded with a terribly cringe-inducing stereotype. But remember, beyond that horrible so-called joke that is still a valid currency (much to our dismay) in Whatsapp Groups, he is still a Mahindra fan. That much has to be acknowledged.

3. Anand notices the dichotomy too – a fan of his company’s product *and* someone who thinks, in 2019, it is funny to talk about ‘escaping from wife’. So, he addresses both parts like a pro. He wants him to buy the vehicle, and he wants his wife to buy one too. In the process, he not only covers the fan aspect of that person, but also gives it back to him for his lame, so-called joke, with a punch!

This is a master-class in the use of Twitter.



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