Bournvita & Ogilvy’s ‘Be Like February’ is a brilliant idea!

Given the amount of money the so-called ‘health’ drink brands spend in targeting children and parents, you’d by now know by heart what each one of them stands for.

Complan? Growth, in terms of height. The pack itself has a height scale!

Horlicks? Taller, Stronger, Sharper!

Boost? More stamina. Boost is the secret of my energy!

Bournvita? Tann ki Shakti, Mann Ki Shakti. Not very different from Boost. Taste-wise too; I should know, since I buy both, for my kids, despite my healthy (pun intended) skepticism about the efficacy of such drinks 🙂

Given this, the new radio spot for Bournvita, by Ogilvy, is very smart work! The theme is February, which is known for being short. Using highlights of February throughout history, as a way to showcase how important the month is, is a brilliant creative approach!

When you hear the spot, you could keep on guessing which brand will be plugged in the end, but since I have broken that surprise by this introduction, let me just say that the product connect is a clever variant of ‘size isn’t everything’. It helps play up its strengths against both Complan and Horlicks that focus inordinately on height as a marker of growth.

The following version is fairly long for radio standards, and I’m assuming an abridged version plays on radio (I have not heard it in radio yet).



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