iD’s new filter coffee decoction is a package-win!

I’m quite a fan of iD’s products and packaging design (see:

I always make it a point to try all their products – the dosa/idly batter is a regular fixture in our home. The chutneys weren’t, after the trial. I picked up their new product, filter coffee decoction, on a lark since I really liked the pack design! It’s extremely inviting and beautifully ideated!

This 150ml pack is Rs.80, and comes with a cap (to store for multi-day use). If you use it as noted in the pack (20ml decoction for 100ml milk), the taste is bland and milky. If you up the decoction to say 30ml or above, the taste gets better. Definitely worth a try, if you don’t have access to filter coffee powder based decoction (which is very easily available in major South Indian cities). In my view, the taste isn’t as good as say, Cothas, the coffee powder that rules Bengaluru/Karnataka for now. If iD target markets where fresh filter coffee powder isn’t easily available, they may have a big hit in their hands.



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