The ‘Tejas Garewal’ wrote to The Hindu’s Wheels Virtual Mechanic Q&A section, this – today!

“I want to buy a Toyota LandCruiser for my sonĂ¢??s birthday in September. He travels a lot and he will use the SUV mainly on the highway, covering 2,000 km a month. Will the diesel model be available soon?

Question time!

  1. The LandCruiser is priced at about Rs. 38 lakhs, in India. That’s %$#@ing expensive, in Indian standards. A dad, doting one at that, is planning to buy this for his son? Lucky son? Or dud dad?
  2. What kind of son are we dealing with here?
  3. And, what kind of dad, who intends to buy a Rs. 38 lakh vehicle for his son’s birthday asks a question to….of all the publications in India…The Hindu, which is a mainline daily?

And guess what…a Google for ‘Tejas Garewal’ throws up this Hindu page right on top. Rest is about Simi Garewal, of course.




2 thoughts on “Who is Tejas Garewal?

  1. If you find out who that guy is, ask him to buy a Nano for me. Going by the way he has posed the question, a Nano should be peanuts for him.

  2. I will never understand the mentality of spending so much for a vehicle, and then worrying about the mileage per litre. Considering you’re gonna be spending around 38 Lakhs on a car, I would think that the buyer insist that it be petrol! I don’t think anyone but the UN in Africa uses diesel LCs.

    And K, I think it is the Land Cruiser Prado that is priced at 38L. The full-size LC would be even more! According to Zigwheels.. ‘Though details are still sketchy, the Land Cruiser will be brought to India as a CBU and will be priced close to Rs 80 lakh..’ And to think that in the US, the full-size LC starts at around $64k, closer to our Prado prices


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