While the rest of the country was busy finding newer phrases to celebrate the Slumdog/ Rahman Oscar (rightfully so!), Leonard Waverman, dean of Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary came across yet another way to bring us Indians back to terra firma – The Connectivity Scorecard. Here’s the full report (PDF, 967 KB) and the India-specific report (PDF, 480 KB).Here’s what the India page in the overall report says,

India, which may be a  â??tech powerhouseâ?Â  in some  respects, but also suffers  from enormous problems  relating  to basic  infrastructure and services. Connectivity and  ICT can be an important part of economic growth for India, but at some point, connectivity will invariably be limited by the fact that there are large swathes of Indian society that do not have the human  capital  or  the  infrastructure  (reliable  power  supply,  for  example)  to make  the most of connectivity.

So, as far as connectivity is concerned, we’re still in the slums I suppose!



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