Really, really dig these 2 posts that talk more on this phenomenon called ‘social media expert’…one by Lisa Hoffman and another by Mack Collier. Mack’s scenario in the first few paragraphs is so bang on the point. But, the question remains – what should a client buy?

  1. The consultant who has a fairly successful personal blog/ twitter presence discussing social media but perhaps not too many (any?) clients?
  2. The consultant who has some clients for whom he/ she has built blogs and helped them with their social media practice at some level?

The point is – is talking knowledgeably about social media enough? Or should it be backed with real life examples of how that knowledge has been utilized for a few clients? I agree with Mack on the fact that the ‘real’ expert would not be too keen to publicize that he is one – he would perhaps see more logic in others saying so. In my opinion, the basics are quite the same and is known/ available to all. The tools, the idea that social media is about people and that you need to think from the ‘what’s in it for me’ as far as audiences go.

Its a simple case of
(a) identifying what your client has to offer,
(b) who the client’s potential target audiences are,
(c) arriving at what would excite them and
(d) the most appropriate set of tools to reach them.

One could go wrong in any of the first 3 steps above, but that’s hardly anything to do with knowledge of social media per se! The 4th step is an operational detail that one needs to be aware of and that comes only with constantly updating yourself with news and views from the social media universe.



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