My post on March 11th was a minor rant on Airtel’s customer care – or the extreme lack of it. It was a simple issue of me not able to dial into a number – 0008004401625 – through Airtel’s landline or mobile. I placed a complaint way back on 11th and have placed several complaints hereafter – 8 to be specific, and have spoken to a LOT of people across their customer service desk. No luck. Yet.

A technical rep called me a week back to inform me that the number I gave them could be wrong or may not be in use. I asked him how can he be sure? He simply said he tried calling that number! Brilliant huh? That’s exactly what I told them on 11th – that I’m able to call that number from every other service provider but Airtel. And it took that genius almost a month to figure that the number does not work with Airtel.

I have 8 complaint numbers in my SMS inbox – not sure if they’re of any use now. I just spoke to yet another lady from Airtel, spent 15 minutes confirming my address, date of birth, phone model, banian and underwear size and my blood group. She has taken yet another complaint, which I frankly think is pointless, again! The best part was she told me that they’d get back to me on April 1st, by 13:32:45…I had a similar time line on March 11th too – only this time its far more convincing that my problem will not be solved since the date is a sure shot giveaway 🙂

God, save me from Airtel’s imbecile customer care!



2 thoughts on “Airtel’s customer care goes completely berserk!

  1. Oh! they are the best customer care team in the world. I had a different problem but the treatment was absolutely the same or worse. I have this sneaking feeling that Airtel will next venture into cardiac treatment – there must be a reason for this maddening attitude. Mr.Mittal — wake up! Considering that customer service is one of the few things he hasnt outsourced to the IBMs of the world, i wonder if they are trying to test the patience of their customers. What is even worse is the IVR which takes a minimum of 12 minutes of harassment with innane queries before you can reach the customer care officer…who makes you feel that you are better off with the recorded crap. Aire

  2. Airtel, as Bhaskar has pointed out, should run a parallel medical business, coz I’m sure that people die out of rage in their offices! The customer care section is nothing but a comedy show gone wrong. The employees are clowns, to use mild language.
    Thanks…had a good time reading your experience. Proves I’m not alone in this world!

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