Some interesting results this time! The most glaring one is the reduction in internet users, though JuxtConsult seems to be going ga-ga over other criteria to show that there is indeed a growth (‘daily users’). The sample size for the study, though decently adequate, is still a moot point.

  • â??Allâ?? internet users down at 47 million (39 million urban, 8 million rural)
  • Drop of 6% from last year (lapse of around 3 mn occasional users)
  • Just 10% growth in â??regularâ?? users base*, reaching 38.5 mn (33 mn urban)
  • +3.5 mn regular â??urbanâ?? users over last year, +0.4 mn regular â??ruralâ?? users
  • 28% growth in â??dailyâ?? internet users (+7 mn in last 1 year to reach 32 mn)
  • Office continues to be the place from where internet is accessed the most (68% at â??multipleâ?? access point level)
  • Most new broadband connections are â??replacementâ?? connections
  • Still only 4 mn internet users access it through mobile phones
  • Only 13% of existing internet users prefer to read in English
  • More importantly only 20 mn Indians (<2% of all) prefer to read in English
  • 4 out of 5 online Indian are in the â??primeâ?? of their life (19-35 years)
  • 3 out of 4 of them belong to the â??consumingâ?? and â??aspiringâ?? class (almost half of them belong to SEC â??Aâ?? and â??Bâ??)
  • Half of all Internet users are employed
  • Their average monthly family income is 3.2 times the national average
  • 3 out of 4 of them come from the non-metro towns and nearby villages
  • 91% of all regular online Indians â??shopâ?? online (search or buy)
  • 20% have also bought online in last 1 year, i.e., â??activeâ?? online buyers base of 7.5 million
  • 74% of travel buyers have bought train tickets, 34% air tickets
  • Credit card is the most popular mode of online payment at 50%
  • Less than 1 in 5 â??non-buyingâ?? online shoppers cite â??fear of misuse of credit cardâ?? as a reason for not buying online

For the complete topline results check this out. The report is available for purchase too – details in the last slide.



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