Airtel seems to have bucked under angry user voices on the net (and on email)…but only partially. The earlier broadband plans have been replaced with a new set of plans with higher transfer limits, but FUP is here to stay (past rants – one, two and three)! Here’s a glance of the broadband plans available from Airtel.

There are 3 so-called ‘Unlimited’ plans which seem to penalize the user for having chosen a high-speed broadband plan, unlike the 2 lowly 256 kbps plans that offer true ‘Unlimited’ transfer limits. So, does increasing the limit from the earlier 20 GB (for my 384 kbps plan, in specific) to 75 GB make things alright? Is it still unlimited given Airtel’s implied, Bill gates’ish ’75 GB ought to be enough for anyone’ claim?

Plan Download speed Transfer limit
Value Combo 598 256 kbps 3 GB
Speed 799 1 Mbps 8 GB
Value Combo 1199 384 kbps till 75 GB/ 256 kbps beyond 75 GB Unlimited!!
Speed 1199 2 Mbps 15 GB
Home Combo 399 2 Mbps 1 GB
Home 1499 Plus 512 kbps till 100 GB/ 256 kbps beyond 100 GB Unlimited!!
Home 2222 Plus 1 Mbps till 100 GB/ 512 kbps beyond 100 GB Unlimited!!
Value Combo 799 256 kbps Unlimited
Value Combo 899 256 kbps Unlimited



2 thoughts on “Airtel succumbs…partially!

  1. Awesome dude, they finally beat the dust. one more final push, they will get rid of caps once and for all.


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