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  • Pratik

    Man, This Speed Rationalization thing is seriously bad… I hope it’s for Karnataka only…

  • Rohin

    Dude…you can get the respective transfer limits by selecting the appropriate plan from Airtel’s website. I’m on the 512 plan and mine’s 40GB

  • I know, saw it later. But left that sarcastic comment just for effect. I’m on 384, so 20 GB.

  • it’s highly infuriating how Airtel absolutely insults the intelligence of the end user. But then actually speaking not many give a damn whether they are being looted or not. Here’s my own experience with another such instance where they try to market something stupid and charging me only for it.

  • oops forgot the link. Here it is:

  • Sambhav

    I think, this is the Sharan Shetty at the bottom of the letter:

    Facebook lists his emplyer as Airtel and he is old enough to be a head of something.

  • Sambhav

    Oh and…
    This is his LinkedIn profile:

    and Blog:

    No, I am not a stalker 😛

  • Karthik S

    Sambhav: Lets not target people personally – let Sharan’s linkedin and facebook profiles remain safe from this tirade – unfair to target those spaces. His blog…perhaps!

  • vipul

    switch, switch, switch to another provider immediately.

    at this time if they have enough clients dropping off, it will lead to the dropping of their collective pants in marketing and a good spanking by mr. mittal.

    so switch immediately to another provider even if they are as bad as Tata Indicom / VSNL