End the day with fantasy, brick by brick

What would you want to do at the end of a day… any day?

Two brands, in two completely different product segments, offer the same thought, leading to their respective products!

The first is ITC Sunfeast Dark Fantasy.

The product has been using the ‘Can’t Wait. Won’t Wait’ theme (conceived by the agency FCB Ulka, Bangalore) since 2016, as recent as March 2021, along with its brand ambassador Alia Bhat.

But, in August 2021, the brand launched a new messaging platform for the same product – ‘Din Khatam, Fantasy Shuru’ (conceived by the agency FCB India). So, from positioning the product as an anytime indulgence, the new campaign positions it as something to mark the end of a day. The ‘day’ here is not necessarily the clock-based day, but as a marker to end any activity that is perhaps taking too much of your time. In a way, this is a subtle extension of the earlier theme (Can’t Wait. Won’t Wait), but with a different framing – whereas the former theme offered the product as an interruption to any activity, the new theme gets the framing sharper where the product marks the end categorically, and placement for a new phase in the day led by the product.

Of course, we don’t need to take such positioning literally; it’s just a thought – you can still indulge in a cookie and go back to what you were doing earlier 🙂 Only brand managers and agencies need to take such positioning, that too for non-essential products, seriously because their salaries depend on it.

But, it’s a nice thought and gives us an occasion/timing to connect the product’s usage with.

Also remember that the product is targeted at adults, specifically… and not children.

Cut to November 2021.

After years of targeting only children as customers, and actively avoiding selling specifically to adults who were organizing many conventions and meetings on their own, Lego finally decided to acknowledge that adults, called ‘AFOLs’ (Adult Fans of Lego) can be fans of the toy too only recently. As recently as July 2021!

Here’s an excellent read on how Lego finally changed its mind, on National Geographic: The inside story of how a ‘band of misfits’ saved Lego – Facing bankruptcy in 2003, the Danish toymaker finally learned to love its adult fans.

Lego launched its first-ever global campaign targeting adults in November, after adding an adults-focused catalog on its website in July!

The campaign, conceived in-house by The Lego Agency, is called ‘Adults Welcome’ and uses the same positioning that ITC used for Sunfeast Dark Fantasy!

The three ads made for the campaign showcase three people having miserably bad days, with the ‘bad’ exaggerated comically and severely so that the payoff could be offered with a punch, I presume.

In the end, when they sit with their Lego sets to relax after a horrendous day, the voice-over goes, ‘We all know, it’s not always so easy. Find your flow. Build with Lego bricks. Adults welcome!’.

And what happens visually to the three protagonists as they indulge in Lego? They levitate… float above their chairs! Din khatam, fantasy shuru? 🙂

To be sure, this positioning is pretty open to many, many products.

Imagine After Eight mint chocolate using it – the brand name makes it perfect for the usage.

Or Audible using it as a stress-busting idea before you sleep – listen to your favorite audiobook and fall asleep after a stressful day!

Or a brand of herbal tea. You get the idea – very elastic!

Interestingly, a Romania-based agency, Mercury 360, made a campaign for Nescafe with the same idea in 2010, but with a fantastic twist 🙂

The idea is the same – you use the product at the end of the day. But the spin the agency gave was because of the product’s nature – coffee invigorates you, doesn’t relax you! So the implication was that you extend the day whenever you want with Nescafe and the lever to end the day was with you, armed with Nescafe!



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