My top posts in 2020

A customary annual round-up! This is also the only time I seriously look at the post views using Google Analytics.

Looking back, WordPress informs me that I have written 256 posts in 2020. My usual target is 1 post per weekday and I guess that adds up.

As per Google Analytics, here are the top 10 most viewed posts:

Tanishq’s Ekatvam, the oneness, broken
Possibly THE most discussed, analysed, abused, op-ed’ed, trolled, laughed at, supported, tweeted, WhatsApp’d ad of 2020 in India.

ACU – Amul Chocolate Universe
I stumbled upon the many, many varieties of chocolates Amul has and that gave me an idea to build an Amul Chocolate Universe, on the lines of Marvel Cinematic Universe!

INOX’s outburst and a lesson on framing in corporate communication
The multiplex business model is damaged beyond repair in 2020 and both PVR and INOX made some statements in public (besides joining hands to release an ad together!). INOX’s tone was all wrong.

The new CRED ads – an autopsy
My take on the now-viral-amongst-agency-types CRED ads that I cannot make head or tail of.

Time to scrub Scotch-Brite’s logo, 3M India
A friend pointed something out in Scotch-Brite’s logo, I wrote about it and everyone praised the brand’s response on LinkedIn, for 24 hours. Then the disinformation started, taking things on a bizarre tangent.

LinkedIn permanently bans a member, courtesy Byju’s
The brand that won 2020’s digital-only sweepstakes was also very, very aggressive in going after people who spoke against it.

The Ramayana Cinematic Universe and Mahabharata Cinematic Universe!
Why should only Marvel and DC have cinematic universes? I imagined Ramayana and Mahabharata as multi-film cinematic universes, complete with end-credits and post-credits scenes!

Wolf Gupta, the imaginary child
Grogu may have been the most popular imaginary child outside in India, but in India, that title goes to Wolf Gupta, courtesy WhiteHat Jr’s advertising blitzkrieg.

Hung up on genuine hing
A glance at the back of an LG Hing pack took me on an interesting journey!

Why Danish Sait gets branded content right
2020’s most prolific and funniest star is Danish Sait. But, besides his alarmingly consistent content, how he did branded content deserves a special look.

Within a specific topic—personal branding—that I conduct corporate workshops on, here are the top 5 posts:

9 tips for personal branding via social media
I did not want to simply announce that I was chosen as a LinkedIn Top Voice for 2020 in India. So I decided to make it useful for readers.

Don’t drink your own kool-aid in the name of personal branding
Most people mistakenly presume that personal branding = talking about yourself. That’s a failure of imagination.

How habits help me in my daily life, whether it is for my physical health or the way I approach personal branding.

Using perspectives to nurture your personal brand
There is a big difference between an opinion and a perspective. I argue how the latter could be a great resource in building your personal brand.

Motivating yourself
If you are keen on building your personal brand, your motivation needs to go beyond external/social validation provided by Likes, Shares or Comments. Here’s what works for me.

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