Facebook India’s language-impaired advertising

Tamil newspaper (Dinathanthi). Tamil headline and Tamil campaign name (Pudhiya Aarambham).

Hindi newspaper (Navbharat Times). Hindi headline and Hindi campaign name (Nayi Shuruaat).

English newspaper editions of Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Kolkata (The Times of India). Hinglish headline and Hindi campaign name written in English script.

English newspaper edition in Chennai, and yet, Hinglish headline and Hindi campaign name written in English script!!


Did the agency (Wunderman Thompson) and Facebook not think of an English headline and English campaign name at all for English newspaper editions of states that do not have Hindi as their primary/preferred language?

How difficult is it to write, “When the world stopped, her business went global” and “New Beginnings” (or something to that effect) in an English newspaper?

Did the agency and Facebook assume that the profile of readers of The Times of India in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Kolkata are predominantly Hindi-speaking, while those who speak the regional/local languages (Kannada, Telugu, and Bangla) read regional language newspapers only?

Or, is the assumption that Hinglish is cool and in vogue even in states where Hindi is not the primary language and the locals actually resent Hindi being shoved on them?

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