Kids, dads, and SUVs

Three ads from October, November, and December 2020.

October 2020: The agency Cheil India, for their client MG Motors’ Gloster.

(October 28)/November 2020: The agency Saatchi & Saatchi Australia, for their client Toyota (Hilux).

December 2020: The agency Publicis United States, for their client Toyota.

The interesting connecting thread – all 3 use a child’s need/ask as the cause to spur the fathers to go on a drive in search of something, while also specifically showcasing the all-terrain nature of the vehicle!

In the Gloster ad, it is the daughter wanting ice cream.

In the Toyota Hilux ad, it is the daughter looking for her missing doll.

In the other Toyota ad, it is the son’s handwritten note to Santa.

I have done what the dad does in the first ad – gone out of the way in search of a Corner House in Bengaluru, though the roads I took were far better than the infamous bad roads in the city (on a Toyota Fortuner, incidentally).

The 1st and 3rd ads seem more like the ice cream and hand-written note were vague excuses to let the car go around assorted terrains.

My favorite was the second one, for Toyota Hilux. That’s because the search is integral to the narrative and there’s a clever and humorous twist the agency includes in the story. You’d see it as you watch it and you are bound to smile at it 🙂

The 3rd one also reminded me of the recent Coca-Cola Christmas ad.



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