Can you pass the deepfake test?

When you were in school, your classmate spreads a canard about you. It sounds juicy enough that many of your classmates believe it to be true and you are labelled with that for a long time, despite your repeated protestations.

Mischief-makers online use a brand’s logo to imply that the brand did/say something using a crudely Photoshopped image and it spreads far and wide online. This has happened to quite a few brands. Here are quite a few examples, compiled in an earlier post of mine.

It happened very recently to the online publication The Quint too.

These instances of spreading a wrong perception seem childish and tame in front of deefakes! And we have very limited protection against being fooled by deepfakes.

Within deepfakes, there is a category called cheapfakes where the duplicity is obvious to the human eye. For instance, Black Eyed Peas created a music video for their new song called Action that fully involved replacing’s face in assorted Indian (and other) movie song videos, including Rajinikanth!

You can easily understand what has been done and can ignore it as a joke.

But take a look at this video.


Posted by Jake Haman on Sunday, August 30, 2020

Here’s the original

As confirmed by the person who created it as a satire, he took it from this video of Biden, where at 1 minute and 10+ seconds, he seems to be reading his notes for a fairly long period of time (the satirist also added the snoring sound in the background):

But, even if it was done with the intention of satire, people may form a perception about Biden as a lazy/tired/old candidate and that could have real-world implications in the upcoming US elections.

For context, here is a proper deepfake, created by Jordan Peele, to make a point:

Given how divisively social media is being used, I reckon things are going to get far, far worse.

Add to that, much faster internet and really simple tools that allow anyone to create deepfakes (with easy YouTube tutorials)!

The only thing we can all do is to learn, to the best of our abilities, how to identify deepfakes. With that intent, here are 4 useful and interesting tests!

  1. The most interesting one, because it challenges your thought process significantly! – Moondisaster
  2. Which Face Is Real? (test your skill in detecting deepfakes in faces/photos)
  3. Detect Fakes (test your skill in detecting deepfakes in videos)
  4. Spot The Deepfake (by Microsoft)

How did you do?

Cover picture courtesy: Data Driven Investor.



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  1. In India too, a man has been passing as a woman for sooo long & gaining so many many followers
    Boy, dit India have one hell of a Major gender reveal party ?

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