Gender and dishwashers – Voltas Beko vs. Bosch

Back in July, when Voltas Beko launched their new TV ad for dishwashers (made by Wunderman Thompson), there was widespread vocal dismay in the way the communication framed it as a woman’s product.

The company had to announce in a Livemint interview that their products are gender-agnostic!

When I saw the new set of 6 ads by Bosch’s dishwashers, I couldn’t help noticing how they (through the agency MissMalini Entertainment) had done the complete opposite of Voltas Beko!

I need to start with my view that I did find the ads clunky, in terms of acting and the product mentions seemed forced.

Now, let me focus on the gender narrative.

There are 6 30-second ads.

The 1st is a conversation between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. But the wife mentions her husband’s cooking, in context (though he burns the kadai!).

In the 2nd, the husband is involved in helping the new mother.

In the 3rd and 4th, the couple is working together in the kitchen (I found both to be embarrassingly bad, in terms of quality – but that’s a different point).

In the 5th, the husband justifies the choice of paper plates with, “Else, I need to wash 20 people’s plates”.

In the 6th one, it could have easily been a statement about the maid’s need becoming lesser due to the device, but even here they cleverly move it to frame the dishwasher as her device from now on!

Really thought-through, at least from a gender narrative perspective. Small, but necessary change in thought.



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