Square, diamond, triangle

One of the flagship cereal brands of Post Cereals, sold in Canada, the UK and New Zealand is ‘Shreddies’.

In 2006, a 26-year-old advertising intern at Ogilvy Toronto, Hunter Somerville, held up one of the Shreddies, and joked “it isnโ€™t a square, itโ€™s a diamond”, during one of the brainstorming meetings. The agency took the joke seriously enough to pitch it to the client as a parody idea that could be persuasive based on pure fun.

The client loved it and Ogilvy Toronto rolled out a full-fledged campaign for ‘Diamond Shreddies’ in 2007 and 2008.

It was a success, with sales increasing by 18% in the very first month itself! Post not only advertised the parody but also created new packs with ‘Diamond Shreddies’ and also combo packs that had both ‘square’ and ‘diamond’ in the same box ๐Ÿ™‚

In 2009, Ogilvy India, the agency for ITC’s Bingo, had created a campaign for Mad Angles Achari Masti.

It featured a boardroom discussion where the participants discuss turning a triangular Mad Angles Achari Masti to comic effect.

The same Shreddies idea, but instead of square to diamond, this is triangle to triangle! Just that Bingo could/did not follow-through and launch actual ‘new triangle tastes better than before’ packs ๐Ÿ™‚

PS: Was the Shreddies idea original? I found a 2016 campaign for The Advertising & Design Club of Canada (ADCC, a non-profit group dedicated to encouraging excellence in Canadian advertising & design) by SapientNitro called, “See If It’s Been Done”. One of the campaign’s ads was this!

When I searched ADCC website, I couldn’t find the Saltines’ ad! I also noticed that the way the Saltines ad is written, it could possibly be a fake ad for the purpose of this campaign, and may not be pointing to an actual ad at all. None of the facts mentioned in the ad is Google’able, while also including typos like ‘assistance’ instead of ‘assistants’. My guess is that this is a fake ad to make a point.

ADCC’s campaign won a Bronze in 2016’s Marketing Mag Canada’s Marketing Awards!



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