ACU – Amul Chocolate Universe

I purchased this bar of Amul white chocolate 2 weeks ago.

I am a big of white chocolate (besides dark/bitter chocolate) and buy it occasionally. The usual shelf at MK Retail near my place has very limited options for white chocolate – usually, Nestle Milky Bar that is terribly sweet and targets kids.

This one literally called out to me from the shelf. Very subtle and elegant package design, and that Limon Zest addition is a lovely touch.

The chocolate itself is yummy – a bit sweeter for comfort, but I have made peace with chocolates made in India being extra sweet. I’d like them to be less sweet or give options for non-sweet variants, but as I said, I have made peace, since I consume them only occasionally.

I shared the pack design on Facebook and my mother called me from Coimbatore to ask me where she can get it!

Last week I picked this again at MK Retail. While standing in the long queue (with social distancing!) for billing, another couple saw this in my basket, asked me where they could find it and picked it up. A child pointed to it from my basket to her mother and they picked it up too!

Besides the interest in white chocolate itself, I presume the packaging design would have a decent enough role to play in all this.

Splendid job by Amul.

In fact, the entire Amul Chocolates range is a really impressive job in branding and packaging. Not just the way they look, but also the kind of information laid out on them! For instance, see the kind of details on the back of the single-origin dark chocolate range! They actually use radar charts to explain the taste profile of each of the 8 variants!

I did come to figure eventually that the use of radar-charts may be inspired by the Japanese chocolate brand Meiji.

Given the sheer range of chocolates they have, I’m disappointed that they are all not listed on their own website. There is no single online repository of all their chocolates!

I tried a search and made a list of 29 variants and was hugely impressed with the sheer range and variety! I haven’t seen many of these in any store!

  1. Venezuela Ebony Twist
  2. Ivory Coast Grande Nuit
  3. Peru Dark Amazon
  4. Colombia Classique Black
  5. Tanzania Chocolat Noir
  6. Ecuador Tropical Dusk
  7. Madagascar Noir De Cacoa
  8. India Twilight Tryst – Single-origin Dark Chocolate
  9. India Twilight Tryst – Single-origin Milk Chocolate
  10. Milk Chocolate
  11. Fruit ‘N’ Nut – Smooth & Creamy
  12. Fruit ‘N’ Nut – Dark Chocolate
  13. Hazelnut Chocolate
  14. Raisin ‘N’ Almond
  15. Tropical Orange
  16. Camel Milk Chocolate
  17. Choco Cracker
  18. Belgian Chocolate
  19. White Limon
  20. Super Fruit (White, Berrylicious)
  21. Green-T Chocolate
  22. Bitter Chocolate (75%)
  23. Bitter 90% (Intense Dark Chocolate)
  24. Sugar Free Dark Chocolate
  25. 99% Cacao Ultimate Dark Chocolate
  26. I Love You Amul Fruit ‘n’ Nut
  27. Best Wishes Amul Dark Chocolate (55%)
  28. Mystic Mocha
  29. Amul Dark Chocolate (55%)

And this is just the bar chocolates’ range! Amul also has chocolates that come in boxes!

To really do justice to this large a range, I really wish Amul created a dedicated online page for their chocolates. They truly deserve one.

Why not take a leaf out of Marvel’s MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe)? How about an Amul Chocolate Universe – ACU? Introduce the whole range to people, build linkages between 2 or more variants, create an all-chocolates pack as a collectors’ item… so many possibilities! They could even have spin-offs in the form of ice cream since Amul has a range of ice cream based on some of these single-origin bar chocolates too!



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