A spoon with a hole!

An elegant solution to a very, very common problem even in India. This is by the agency CJ WORX (Bangkok), Thailand, for their client, Thai Health Promotion Foundation.

To an extent, the idea to create a new spoon, and expect us to use that spoon while we all have so many spoons in our kitchens, seems a bit of a stretch. See this on the back of far simpler solutions for the same problem – smaller spoons exist too. For instance, spoons used in chemical labs have similar, small shapes at the end and even come with specific weights (because of use with chemicals)

But it’s also a fact that most of us have a salt container and a dedicated spoon inside it (owing to the need for dry spoons and not worrying about every new spoon being dry all the time).

From that perspective, if we consciously care for reducing salt intake and buy this custom spoon, we can keep it inside the salt container for regular use. The most important design aspect of this spoon is that it consciously reminds us to enforce control when we open the salt container. That is the idea’s biggest benefit – to bring it to our memory before usage. A standard, small spoon may not do that and we may simply use it multiple times absent-mindedly.

Given how dangerous sugar is, we perhaps need a similar solution for that too!



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