Media size doesn’t matter. Consistency does. The story of Bandor!

I had written about sequential communication in marketing communications earlier.

More than mainstream media, social media enables sequentiality mighty well because brands do not need to pay for each ‘episode’ – they can share it in their own platforms (on social channels or website). The strength of the narrative would be the sole factor in deciding if people want to know ‘what happened today?’.

But sequencing can even be done without a coherent story flowing across each episode. Amul’s topical toons are a good example of this, and they are even shared on mainstream media! The connecting thread is only Amul, the brand, and something topical.

Here’s a phenomenal example of a different kind of sequence, using a very tiny space in print media, from the 1960s.

It is for a little wine brand named Bandor. Instead of taking up large spaces in print media, Bandor chose to take what is almost a passport-photo sized space to talk about its wine in the most ironically funny and quirky way. Day after day!

Here’s a collection of a lot of those daily ads.

So, size did not matter, what matter was the consistency. Of being there every day when people opened the newspapers. Even if they miss one, they see another, and a habit is formed.

The lines are by Evan Stark, one of the Hall of Fame copywriters in DDB. He even named himself in one of the ads, cleverly 🙂

(Source of all these ads: Dave Dye’s blog where he does a podcast with Evan Stark.)



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