“Thank you for doing nothing” —Cadbury 5-Star

Timing-wise, this new 5-Star ad which has the ‘youth’ doing nothing and being thanked for it seems incongruous to the actual youth who are on the roads, voicing their view.

Also, to depict their target audience as being disingenuous (saying they will do it and don’t, only to be ‘saved’ a miracle) is equally bothersome. When Ramesh-Suresh indulge in such nothingness caused by a delicious 5-Star bar, it seemed funny in a flippant way. In the case of Ramesh-Suresh, the brand had established them to be funny duffers. But when it is being done by a ‘youth’, standing for other target audience youths, seemed really awkward, particularly in terms of timing.

The youth are awake, woke, active, starting-up, running, voicing, protesting… anything but ‘do nothing’. And this is right now, around all of us… on the streets, in the news, on the TV, on social media.

A different timing, when things aren’t this bubbling and are more peaceful and steady… this ad film wouldn’t have stood out so obviously as being out of touch with the ground reality.



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