An Instagram conversation between a mother-to-be and her unborn baby

This has to be THE most bizarre and imaginative use of social media I have seen in some time. Social media influencer Temitope Adesina is pregnant. Even as she is promoting Palmers massage oil on Instagram using her own handle, she also has another Instagram handle for her unborn baby, called ‘Naturally Baby Temi’!

And she is (simulating) having a conversation with her unborn baby… ON INSTAGRAM!

There are many instances of mothers speaking to their child in the womb, in history and mythology.

Most famously, in Mahabharatha, Krishna (it was Arjuna himself, in some versions of Mahabharatha) was supposed to have spoken to Arjuna’s wife, Shubadra when Abhimanyu was in her womb. It is said that Krishna narrated the military formation of Chakravyuha, and even as he was narrating it, Shubadra fell asleep. Mahabharatha states that Abhimanyu, in his other’s womb, was listening to Krishna, but as his mother fell asleep, he could hear only up to breaking the formation of the 6th circle of Chakravyuha. Later in life, during the Kurukshetra war, Abhimanyu perished inside the Chakravyuha because he couldn’t break the 7th circle!

Talking to an unborn child’s Instagram handle is hardly talking to the child 🙂 This is taking things to a completely new level that serves only the purpose of pandering to an audience!

This behavior could be compared to pet parents creating social media handles on behalf of their pets. In both cases, a social media handle has been created by someone else, on behalf of either a non-human or a yet-to-be-born entity.

How they will react is a different branch of thought.

In the case of pets (non-human), there’s no likely reaction. That is, till 2072 when the tech. giants would have successfully helped most domestic animals to communicate with hoomans because the politicians wanted more voters and not just hoomans alone.

In the case of yet-to-be-born entities, there will be a reaction. The baby would grow up to eventually 2 possibilities:
a. think this is the normal way to use social media and this is perfectly acceptable
b. be horrified by his/her mom’s demented use of social media and disown her as soon as they reach 18.



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