Would you think of this brand when you hear, “committed to a healthy lifestyle”?

Guess what this 1-and-a-half-minute film is about!

It’s by Publicis, Middle East.

I’m reasonably sure you would be wondering aloud with an audible ‘What??’ by the time it ends and when you see the brand. The brand is also fleetingly and very casually shown in the background at 1:06 🙂

I checked out the brand’s Middle Eastern website (no spoilers – let me just say it is a very well-loved brand in India) and to be honest, they are trying their best to accentuate the ‘healthy’ positioning under 4 categories – sourcing, ingredients, dehydration and packaging. But given the brand’s long association with ‘fast food’ for many, many years, across every product category they operate in, the ‘healthy’ plank seems very tenuous as a connection.

And the bombastic film that seems more about holistic living than healthy food doesn’t help that cause either.

It is entirely possible that the brand is genuinely trying to change the way it operates, and hence trying to reposition itself as not something you took it for, based on the earlier perception. But that change needs to be communicated gradually, to make it plausible, instead of something that people can only eye-roll at, with incredulity.



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