Taking children’s curiosity and concerns seriously

Two highly interesting ad films, from two different countries. The common thread: both treat the protagonists’ point of view very seriously. The leads in both films are children and they have a pressing concern that runs all through both films.

The Mahindra Rise film was made by the agency FCB Interface, India.

The Myer Christmas film was made by the agency Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne, Australia.

In Mahindra Rise’s film, the concern is a question. A question as intriguing as, ‘How do astronauts write in space/zero gravity?’. (Now, of course, they don’t need to write; they can simply type on a device or literally dictate!)

This, of course, has a very famous hoax – that the Americans spent millions to develop a ‘space pen’, while the Russians simply used a pencil. More on this hoax, and the truth – the “space pen” that was developed independently by Paul C. Fisher of the Fisher Pen Co., who spent his own money on the project and, once he perfected his AG-7 “Anti-Gravity” Space Pen, offered it to NASA. More on this digression: http://bit.ly/37hxKAP
—Digression ends.

And with the actions depicted on screen, that question becomes our pressing concern too, with a loud ‘HOW?’ etched in our minds. And the film ends with a wonderfully simple solution, offered by the teacher, after shush’ing the laughing students!

The Myer film too has the little girl with a major concern. She tries a lot of things to ensure that Santa doesn’t miss her. Finally, her grandfather (who I thought would simply dress up as Santa, does something far more interesting, treating the girl’s concern with utmost sincerity and using some of the oldest methods in the process.

If the Mahindra Rise film was about curiosity, the Myer film was about faith. But both were about innocence and the need to propel that into different, purposeful directions.



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