Shut The Phone Up!

When almost all condom brands focus on the excitement of the use of their product or the kind of protection their products offer, Manforce Condoms has also taken a 3rd, unusual route to talk about: safety of a different kind, caused by smartphones! This, besides their conventional communication featuring Sunny Leone.

Manforce’s Shut The Phone Up series is now in its 3rd film, after consistently producing one film every November (2017, 2018 and now 2019). All 3 films have been produced by the agency ADK Fortune.

It’s impressive that the brand has stood by its theme for 3 successive years. Not just that, it has also built web pages around the theme each year, extending useful information on the theme they have taken, going specifically into the subject at least in the 2nd and 3rd years.

In 2017, for the first film, it was about a couple filming their honeymoon’s intimate moments and the phone being misplaced!

The 2017 website was simple, without any frills, but with the context of why this campaign was initiated, based on data.

In 2018, it was about a couple who had sold a smartphone and the buyer threatening them with an ask that puts their life in jeopardy.

For this film, Manforce added a helpful web page that listed ways to erase files properly from your Android phone. The larger message was straight though – do not film your intimate moments at all.

This year’s film goes one step ahead and portrays the perils of a relationship going sour and the repercussions of that from a filmed video perspective.

This year’s web page has an impressive educational segment on relevant legal sections from The Information Technology Act, 2000.

All the 3 films are utterly believable and filmed in a simple, relatable manner, without any shenanigans. It is that relatability that makes them endearing and makes us take the intended message seriously.

This campaign theme from Manforce may not make you rush out to the nearby store and buy a condom, but they surely elevate the perception of the brand in your mind, as something that cares for you. And hence, when you are in a store to pick a condom, it may stand on top of your mind, as a choice between say Kohinoor, KS, Durex or… Manforce!

Purposeful and well-intended work by Manforce and ADK Fortune.

Beyond advertising, the campaign’s theme, and the fact that Manforce has been consistently behind it for 3 successive years gives the brand enough leeway to use it for PR too, in interviews with senior executives in the organization and as a subject that the brand can stand behind, confidently and authoritatively.



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