Well-settled, smart and loving Zomato

I have written about brands cleverly using the newspaper classifieds section earlier. See Ogilvy Colombia’s very smart effort for their client Criterion Knives, for instance (on LinkedIn).

Closer home, here’s Zomato, the brand that’s always in the news one way or the other, using the matrimonial classified section of The Times of India on July 28, across multiple city editions.

“Well-settled, smart and loving brand looking for those who can’t cook” made me literally laugh out aloud 🙂

It uses the same template of entries in this section of the newspaper, with a cheeky twist in the end. It’s also an ingenious poke at the oft-used ask in matrimonial ads – “should know how to cook”.

I did wonder if people may miss this ad since it looks like every other ad in this section. But, the kind of people who pore over these entries, they go through it (because of their specific need) very diligently, often with a pen in the hand, to highlight some entries that they want to pursue. I’m assuming that would be a LOT of people. All of them are human enough to want food to eat too. And this cheeky and funny distraction amidst other serious entries may stand out significantly, I reckon… enough for them to perhaps crave for something and order on Zomato 🙂



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